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Often enough, one of you (or both) were “on the rebound” when you started your relationship

Often enough, one of you (or both) were “on the rebound” when you started your relationship

Why? Because you are an odd combination of people who don’t really understand each other’s needs in love. You make an unlikely couple in many ways, but if you do get thrown into each other’s arms–whether it’s by unusual circumstances or due to other, more direct combinations of planets and points–you could easily stick it out for the long haul. Plenty of adjustments are required in order to make this relationship work, but if you are willing to make them, more power to you.

The viability of this combination depends very much on your individual characters. If you value peace and harmony, you probably should look elsewhere! If the idea of peace and harmony makes you think “how dull!”, this budding, complex, and fascinating relationship may be just right for you!

Often enough, relationships with this combination are passionate and even feverish, but circumstances seem to get in the way of things working out

Yin-Yang combinations: Of the scenarios described here, this is more apt to be a situation in which the chemistry does exist. And, especially with the Venus-Mars and Eros-Psyche combinations, there’s a real tendency to want to keep trying and “adjusting” to one another.

Yin-Yin or Yang-Yang combinations: Of the scenarios described above, this one is less likely to indicate powerful chemistry. If you are together, it’s unlikely due to this aspect alone. Plenty of adjustments are needed in order to make this relationship work. This can be exciting and interesting, or just plain annoying and stressful, depending on your individual personalities.

Green. Your love signs are square, or in signs that are square to each other. Especially when they form an astrological square, this points to a very direct and obvious clash of temperaments. Mind you, this combination can be extraordinarily exciting and titillating at the beginning, especially when yin-yang planets and points are involved. Whatever the case may be, you definitely notice one another. Something brews within each of you when you are in the same room.

Sometimes, the relationship seems impossible. Perhaps one or both of you were involved with someone else when you met, or circumstances are such that your getting together could truly make waves.

Whatever the case may be, there is some sort of challenge involved here, and if you become (or have become) a couple, you are likely to face plenty of challenges together. Your needs and styles in love are not only different, they actively clash with each other. This can be a very exciting–and very exhausting–relationship for you both!

Timing is off, and if you’ve loved and lost each mixxxer sign in other, you are likely to feel that IF you had met under different circumstances or at a different time in your lives, it would have stood a better chance

Yin-Yang combinations: The chemistry is very real and palpable with these combinations. It might be that you immediately dislike each other, or you sense there’s “something wrong” with the attraction you do feel, or feel like you’ve been hit with cupid’s arrow and don’t know how to handle it. One of you may be the person who’s “on the fence” while the other one is pushing forward. The person more likely to be on the fence, reticent, or fearful of going forward at the beginning of the relationship is the person with the “yin” planet in the combination–that is, the Moon, Venus, or Psyche side of the equation–because this is the person who is doing more of the sensing and feeling. For example, if the combination is Eros-Psyche, it’s generally the Eros person who pushes forward and the Psyche person who harbors some doubts or fears in the beginning. You are more inclined to take up the challenge of this relationship, probably because sexual chemistry is present, in spades.

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