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The tools for this do not seem to be fully in place yet, but the time to test and file bugs is now. Even though imaging, whether you choose the “thick” or “thin” approach, will probably still work in High Sierra, you should be thinking about alternative strategies. DEP plus application installs and updates are more flexible and powerful than full disk imaging. WWDC is Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference where developers can attend sessions and meet with Apple engineers. Apple’s 2022 event ran from June 6 through 10 and it was a free digital event.

But, as expected, Apple didn’t really have anything ‘wow’-producing. The Apple Watch can now communicate with third-party devices via Bluetooth. WatchOS 4 allows communication between gym equipment and the Apple Watch, to avoid mismatch of data. The dock supports icons to fill screen width, and can be brought up in any screen. If enabled, it detects if you’re in a car and turns off the screen. Trying to open the Notification Center takes you to the lock screen, where you can swipe up on screen to show other notifications.

Platforms State of the Union – Session 102

In contrast to Echo and Home though, HomePod is a speaker-first. Smart devices in the house are already a niche market, therefore stylizing as a speaker-first device allows it to tap into the speaker market. Prior to WWDC 2017, the iPad Pro line had two options, a 9.7-inch and a 12.9-inch. By June 6th, the 9.7-inch was no more and in its place, a 10.5-inch upgrade. The conference ran from June 5th to June 9th and each day was packed with announcements, labs, and workshops.

  • It almost sounds like they are putting a lot of controls on a single screen, with deep presses and 3D touches to access some of the options.
  • Every time you click on the opt-in-only text, you can choose the opt-in rate history, and you will be presented with the “Rolling 90 Day Opt-In Rate History” for your metric.
  • Several third-party conferences are held in conjunction with WWDC each year, including AltConf, Layers, and NextDoor.
  • WWDC 2020, WWDC 2021 and WWDC 2022 were hosted as online-only conferences due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The Retina Macbook and the non-Touch Bar Pro fill that gap, as do the iPad Pros with iOS11’s productivity features.

The band Jimmy Eat World played at the Apple campus after attendees were taken there by bus from Moscone Center West. I’ll talk about the new internals of both Pros from here on out, because both machines are identical now, save for overall size. The new A10X chip is a six-core beast that can run 30% faster in general tasks, and 40% faster in graphics tasks, than the chip it replaces. There’s more ram to go along with this new CPU, too, and twice the storage space. Apple now starts all iPad Pro models at 64GB, which you can bump up to 256GB or, for the first time ever in an iOS device, 512GB.

An update to the Activity app creates monthly challenges based on your past achievements, to be more active. Apple is releasing a new kit for developers, called ARKit, which will help developers develop apps with AR. There are also dedicated sections for games and non-game apps.

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App Store Connect allows you to add many different roles based on the level of responsibility. The account administrator can assign the roles and give permissions and access Visual Studio vs Sublime Text: Which Editor Should You Choose to additional changes. The final section in the main menu of App Store Connect is Users and Access. Depending on the role you have, you will see different types of reports.

I too heard something about the Air but was unsure as to what they plan on doing with it. All podcasts I listened to seem to think that the Air will get a spec boost but when I look at the Apple Store, the specs of the Air are the same. I don’t understand why they can’t simply upgrade the processor and some of the specs.

For a start, the users in the App Store can download an app from the App Store search results without landing on the app’s product page. Because of that, your KPIs need to reflect the actual behavior of your users. App Store Connect is Apple’s platform for releasing, managing, and reporting iOS mobile apps.

Join developers worldwide from June 6 to 10 for an inspiring week of technology and community. Get a first look at Apple’s latest platforms and technologies in sessions, explore the newest tools and tips, and connect with Apple experts in labs and digital lounges. With Core ML, you can consider machine learning as simply calling a library from code. You only need to drop a Core ML library into your project and let Xcode sort everything else out.

Sales and Trends data in the App Store Connect

Another major introduction at WWDC’98 was the Quartz imaging model, which replaced Display PostScript with something akin to display PDF. Although the reasons for this switch remain unclear, Quartz also included better support for the extant QuickDraw model from the classic OS, and Java2D. Supporting QuickDraw directly in the graphics model also led to a related announcement, that the Blue Box would now be invisible, integrated into the extant desktop, instead of a separate window. The conference begins with a Monday morning keynote address by Tim Cook and other Apple executives. Hardware announced during the address is sometimes exhibited in the conference hall afterwards.

Find out what “lemmatization” is and why you might want to use it when searching text. The Apple Design Awards celebrate apps and games that excel in the categories of Inclusivity, Delight and Fun, Interaction, Social Impact, Visuals and Graphics, and Innovation. The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off with exciting reveals, inspiration, and new opportunities. Join the worldwide developer community for an in-depth look at the future of Apple platforms, directly from Apple Park. The mobile development world moves quickly — and you don’t want to get left behind. Learn iOS, Swift, Android, Kotlin, Dart, Flutter and more with the largest and highest-quality catalog of video courses and books on the internet.

New Depth API is available to devs which provides access to depth information. Due to the “Files” app in the iOS 11, there will be a full-fledged file system.

On the graphics end, there’s a second version of Metal, support for VR, and a Metal 2 developer kit that you can order with an AMD GPU to tune apps for external graphics. Just as Lauren Goode predicted, Apple introduced a new ARKit to let developers build augmented reality apps for the iPhone. The kit can help find planes, track motion, and estimate scale and ambient lighting. Popular apps like Pokémon Go will also use ARKit for improved real-time renders. The line of iMac and MacBook has been updated, focusing on the functional part of devices. The 7th generation chips Kaby Lake and SSD faster than before have been installed.

Proceeds/paying users – the ratio of proceeds and the number of unique users that paid for the app or an in-app purchase. Product page optimization is a native A/B testing tool launched by Apple with the release of iOS 15. ASO experts can now combine this with Google Play Experiments to perform A/B tests directly in app stores.

  • Face Detection with deep learning and optionally combined with Core ML promises some interesting enhancements.
  • This video session encompasses four short presentations dealing with accessiblity.
  • When you’re available to be more social, you can now head to Apple Music to see what your friends are listening to and check out shared playlists.
  • The app supports dragging and dropping, during multitasking, and even from the dock after long-pressing.

We are shockingly dependent on our apps, and exaggeration is one of the most basic comedic devices in the book. He also discusses the benefits of on-device image processing versus cloud-based processing. By keeping processing on on the device, When and how to choose HTML for form validation LogRocket Blog you can retain the privacy of your user’s data. The cost of cloud based services is also a factor, as the cost to use cloud based services may affect the developer and the user. The low latency of device-based processing is also an advantage.

Apple hardware updates 101: Be a Pro

The MDM ‘InstallApplication’ command, which installs the agent software, such as the Munki or Jamf client, should be supported by management systems. There are certain setups, such as classrooms and training centers, which require frequent re-imaging with short turnaround times. Ironically, the tech that was predicted to kill imaging might provide a solution. APFS disk snapshots could provide a solution for fast system restores.

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There are many different reports; each localization has its tabs and analytics pages located in other sections. The Overview tab in the App Analytics report in App Store Connect Before digging deeper, you should note that some metrics don’t give you precise numbers. The usage metrics in the App Store connect come only from the users that have opted-in to share them with you. Most often, around 30% of all users will opt to share the data with you, meaning most of the data will not be in the reports. Once you navigate the tab, you will have the list of your apps and a summary of metrics inside the App Store Connect – impressions, units, proceeds, sessions, and crashes. ASO specialists can test all visual assets – icons, screenshots, and preview videos.

Apple’s idea of an apocalypse is a world without apps

There are other KPIs you can use, but for the most part, you want to start with the focus on the user conversions. If you do not have, or do not have access to, an Apple TV, then the next best thing is an iPad or iPhone. Watch the Apple special event on Apple TV using the Apple Events appIf you have one of the small, black Apple TV units, ensure that the software is up-to-date. You’ll not be able to stream the event on the original Apple TV, though. Add the event to your CalendarYou can use thisevent.ics to add the date to your calendarin your time zone. Time zone differences around the world compared to San JoseIt can be all a bit confusing, sometimes, working out what time the event starts in your part of the world.

New Vision APIs and Natural Language APIs available to devs, to work with machine learning. See what your friends are listening to, using the New Friends Are Listening To section. MusicKit is also available to developers, to access information about your library. With the new Maps app, access detailed floor plans, place cards, directory, browsing by floor, and search, of malls and airports. SiriKit is more powerful, so developers can make use of the new possibilities.

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