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I met someone on Bumble and he is from UK too

I met someone on Bumble and he is from UK too

He doesn’t tell you the money is stolen – he will tell a story to hide the true purpose. He asks you to open a bank account with your identity documents, and receive and transfer money.

If you do this for a scammer, your name is on the bank account and on the money transfer forms. If you get involved with one of these schemes, you could lose money and personal information, and you could get into legal trouble.

You can stop communicating. You can block the texts or emails. jpeoplemeet-quizzen If he has your bank or credit card numbers, you can ask for new numbers. You can report his account to Facebook.

Sounds familiar. He wants to send me gifts as part of Ramadan tradition. He asked me what I like but I actually do not want anything from him as we haven’t yet. Long story short, he asked me to help him get money for his contract in Singapore, 200k dollars. I don’t know where he got the idea i have that much and if i’m a moron enough to give to him. I blocked him right away. He looked like Sean Connery..

She has sent him thousands! Family intervention doesn’t work. She just disowned us over it. She will be broke before this is over and the entire inheritance will be gone.

happened to me too, i was on a dating app for plus size women called bustr and a guy messaged me saying he’d like to get to know me and start a relationship and then he offered a sugar baby kind of situation and supposedly paid on two of my credit cards but he really hacked into my accounts made a fake payment so that it appeared to have cleared then asked me to send him ebay cards, it blocked him and kept the messages to show my bank because his payment big surprise bounced and i ended up having to pay money to my bank for it and now my account is compromised. i reported everything to my bank including the situation and reported his phone and email address.

He claims he is a 4 Star General in Belgium and keeps promising he is retiring and coming to meet “the love of his life” in two weeks (again), as he keeps making excuses for rescheduling this meeting

Does anyone know a Carlos M. Marshall? He says he is in the US Army. He sent me pictures and loop two videos, which I know means. They’ve been pre-recorded. I have been stupid and I send him money because he said he was sending me a box with his personal papers and some gifts in it. I ended up borrowing money. To help him get the box which of course never arrived. Then he said that he was on his way home and I sent him more money for leave. And now he says he’s been arrested and he is in a city called Doha Qatar. And he said that he is in jail and needs money. Cabela get out. I wanted so much to believe that he was real but after all this time and it’s been 6 months. I’m just ready to give up.

How can this be stopped if Mom TRULY believes the man loves her?

There is a guy on plenty of fish dating app he says he is n the army and has a daughter in Ghana that he needs to buy a ticket for in order to get back to the state’s . He is asking ladies on the site to send him money first he has someone to email you saying the child is sick trying to make you feel sorry for him then he start asking for money he goes by the name James Zuma graves and his accomplice is Owens abhram please ladies beware he is a disgrace to the military he even has pictures posted but takes them down once he meets you if I could post a picture of who he is using I would because he sent me several but they might not be him

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